About Awaking Giants

Well this word” Awaking giants” came out from the heart of an awaken giant called Preshykeyz. by God’s grace she got tired of seeing a lot of things go wrong in this very age, getting to watch the youth of this age wasting day by day without impacting and being impacted into.
She got so sick of reading post online of what people want to do without getting to do it probably for these usual excuses of i don’t know were to start from, i don’t have capital, who am i going to look up too and many other endless questions.
She thinks it is high time to awaken the youth of this age to begin to fulfill kingdom mandate and not waiting for the world to employ them in an organization and so many other related terms.
Well she doesn’t find wealth as the greatest success but rather IMPACT, wealth is a temporal fulfillment but impact is a generational fulfillment that never dies from age to age.
So this page is going to be a medium to reach out to sleeping giants to awaken them to the full manifestation of who God created them to be.



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