Patience and sacrifice are like determining factors on earth and even above the earth.

Many homes, society, country, people at large have missed it because of the lack of these two instruments in their lives.

Patience and sacrifice works hand-in-hand which means were ever you find patient, you will certainly find sacrifice. Most people do not have these factors in their lives, that is why is a lot difficult for them to obtain a greater height than were they are presently.

Patience and sacrifice does not just come easy like every other things we do desire in our lives, the truth is, a lot will be taken away from us to attain these two important factors in our lives .

What do you think, made it possible for Christ to be able to do all He did while in was on earth?

What made it possible for Jesus to be able to sustain the pain on the cross?

Have you ever try asking yourself this, despite how sinful we humans can be, God still believes that we can be made perfect through Him, what do you think is the force behind that?

How about this question why haven’t God destroy this world yet?

If God can be so patience and able to sacrifice the only very son he had,why then can not you do the same?

If you want to fulfill purpose, attain greater height, world icon,  world changer then i tell you this day, having patience and sacrifice in your life is not just an option but mandatory.

Tomorrow we going to discuss, how then can we have patient and sacrifice in our lives. Do not forget to drop your contribution in the comment box




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