Morning, i know a couple of my faithful readers and followers must be really upset with me this past few weeks for not being able to meet up with some certain teachings i promised that i will do and accompany with the fact that it’s suppose to be a daily post.

Am really sorry from the depth of my heart and the good news is i want you all to know that am back! this time for real so get ready to be blessed, awaken, impacted into any time from now.

Do have a great and splendid day ahead!



Stop looking for reasons to love, because you will never find any good reason too, you know why? The nature of man can be so ugly and envelope with so much imperfections that can be so frustrating to live with or tolerate.

Despite what has been said above, its still very possible to still love, you know why? One of the most adorable act of love is that which you know how weak one can be but yet despite how ugly it is, you can still see beauty in them.

Love is beyond  feelings, beyond words, Love is a decision accompany with an action.

Till you are able to love, the same way our heavenly father does, you wouldn’t be able to conquer the world”.                                                                     _Preshykeyz