This message is not going to be long, but then i want you to discover something a whole lot different about who you see and how determining it can be in every areas of your life.

In every situation there are two personalities one can choose to see its either you see Jesus or you see the devil.


A lot of people finds it hard to see Jesus most times, especially what it seems like its so impossible or a very difficult situation but do you know that when you see Jesus you tend to have peace despite how ugly the situation may look?

Ways to know that you are not seeing Jesus is when your thoughts are like would i make it? Can i survive it ? Is it going to possible? Should i commit suicide? Now those thought proves that you are not seeing Jesus at all but the devil.

The word of the Lord say’s “the joy of the Lord is my strength”, if the word of God actually say’s that which means that you can still make it provided you focus on Jesus!

Choose the right view point today and obtain a positive result!

Thanks for coming around and don’t forget to leave a comment God bless you!


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